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About Heike Brewster

I was born in Germany and after training as a Physiotherapist I moved to England in 1991, to continue my career in the Health Service.

My Tai Chi Journey started in 1992, when I went to a class in Croydon to learn to relax.

I got a lot more in the bargain - it helped me not only to be much more relaxed but to be more focused, centred and balanced in my whole being. As a qualified Physiotherapist, I appreciate the amazing health aspects of Tai Chi.

After moving to Chichester I came across the Golden Flower Tai Chi School in 1996 which added a whole new level of personal development to my practise.

From being a student I quickly turned to assisting and then qualified as a Golden Flower Tai Chi Instructor in 2005 and joined the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain as an instructor member. To continually update and deepen my skills and practise, I attend regular trainings with fellow instructors, senior instructors and of course the Grandmaster of the school San Gee Tam at retreats and training in the USA, Holland and Belgium.

I am always inspired by Grandmaster San Gee Tam's teaching and the curriculum the school offers: personal development in all aspects of life and the cultivation of Happy Chi. I really enjoy the great sense of community and friendship in the school.

In my classes I reflect these aspects so that students can benefit from Tai Chi as much as I do; having fun and enjoyment, depth of experience and nurturing personal development.

In 2006 I decided to complement the health aspects of Tai Chi with a more "hands on" approach and trained as a Reflexologist. I qualified in December 2007 and am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, updating and expanding my skills at regular training events. I am treating clients with a variety of conditions and enjoy the improvement and difference it makes to their health and lives.

My unique knowledge and experience through the combination of Physiotherapy, Tai Chi and Reflexology allows me to approach each student and client as an individual from a holistic point of view and support them as a whole being in their health and self-development.

I am married and live in Chichester, enjoying walks along the beaches and in the Downs and have two grown-up daughters.

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