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Golden Flower Tai Chi

The Golden Flower Form and the Qi Gong Form are derived from traditional Yang Style Forms and, through simplicity, offer everything you need to practise good Tai Chi.

They form a foundation for continued study such as Fast Form, Long Form, Sword Form and other aspects of Tai Chi, like Pushing Hands, Qi Gong, meditation and cultivation.

"To students of life who learn from their mistakes and dedicate themselves to the practises that produce workability, harmony and truth. For what we practise we truly become."
Grandmaster San Gee Tam
Grandmaster of the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association International

Golden Flower students are required to enrol into the Golden Flower Tai Chi Association as a general member.

In joining the school you are actively participating and making it your school. There would be no school without students. Membership supports your commitment - to yourself, your well-being and your practise.

Membership fees contribute toward administration expenses and the development of the school, which you benefit from directly.

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