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Focus on Form:

 A 2-hour class creating the opportunity to study the Golden Flower Forms in greater depth:

we focus on specific principles such as Yin/Yang, 3 point alignment or Relaxation as well as working with specific training forms to deepen insight into the Tai Chi principles and their applications. The class includes warm-ups and Qi Gongs.


Time:  10.00-12.00

Venue: Community Hall, Roussillon Park,


Dates:  7th of December 2019

              1st of February 2020

             14th of March 2020


Fee: £18 members

        £20 non members


Pushing Hands Workshop


December 6th 2019


South Bersted Church Hall, Bersted St, PO22 9QE


Pushing Hands is fun and energising!

Enjoy partner work exploring this essential pillar of your Tai Chi practise.

We will explore the specific warm ups, the structure of stance and posture, the energies of Peng Lu Ji An and how they apply in Pushing Hands.


Price £20 (members)

          £22 (non members)


Save the date:
Golden Flower Day
Master Annukka Holland on 
Sunday, May 24th, 2020