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Taoist Foundation Qi Gongs:

Would you like to feel more together, more focused whilst being very relaxed?

In this 5week class you will practise a 16 part ancient Qi Gong set that can  help you to feel more calm, grounded and integrated
Dates: tba

Time:   1.45-2.45pm
Venue: The Pavilion at Graylingwell        Park, 
Connolly Way, PO19 6DA

Focus on Form:

Date:  new dates coming soon

Time:  10.00-12.15

Venue: Westhampnett Community Hall, 

          Hadrian Drive, Chichester, PO18 0FP

 A 2-hour class creating the opportunity to study the Golden Flower Forms in greater depth:

We focus on specific principles such as Yin/Yang, 3 point alignment or Relaxation as well as working with specific training forms to deepen insight into the Tai Chi principles and their applications. The class includes warm-ups and Qi Gongs.

To enrol contact Heike


Fee: £  members

        £   non members

Partner Work

Partner work is one of the Pillars of Tai Chi:

We will connect with others on an  energetic level, practise testing the postures and applications and experience their subtle power.

You will be in close proximity to others for a few minutes at a time.


Venue: The Pavilion at Graylingwell Park

Connolly Way, PO19 6DA

Date: tba








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