Focus on Form:

 A 2-hour class creating the opportunity to study the Golden Flower Forms in greater depth:

we focus on specific principles such as Yin/Yang, 3 point alignment or Relaxation as well as working with specific training forms to deepen insight into the Tai Chi principles and their applications. The class includes warm-ups and Qi Gongs.


Time:  10.00-12.00

Venue: Community Hall, Roussillon Park,


Dates:  1st of February 2020

             14th of March 2020


Fee: £18 members

        £20 non members

Fast Form

Fast Form is fun and energising!

Enjoy Tai Chi movement in a different way, we will explore the warm-ups, stepping, the form and applications and practise being grounded yet light on your feet.

Time: 10.00-12.00

Venue: South Bersted Church Hall,

              South Bersted, PO22 9QE

Dates: 20th of March 2020

                1st of May 2020

Fee £20 members

        £22 non members






Save the date:
Golden Flower Day
Master Annukka Holland
Sunday, May 24th, 2020    10am - 5pm
Pagham Village Hall

Events are currently on Zoom 

The next Masterclass with Master Annukka Holland

is scheduled for 

Sunday, May 23rd 2021, 3pm

Fee £33, members

        £35 non members (this includes the recording)

For details please contact Heike